A nice walk under the stars, in search of the “mermaids”


The guided cultural walk takes place in the wonderful setting of Porto Conte Natural Park.

The path follows the coast in the warm light of the sunset giving the opportunity to admire the bay, which is full of curiosities about history and nature. Then we arrive at the top of the white cliffs of Punta Giglio, where the light of the evening turns into the summer night: under the stars in a moonless sky and keeping a respectful silence, you wait for the attractive and frightening “voices” of legendary marine animals, arriving for a “love project”. Myths also identify them with the famous Ulysses’ mermaids.

To learn more about and to listen to these mysterious birds, coming in from the distance seas, please contact us at least 3 days before the guided walk.

It is a special night, bringing you into the wild and close to nature.

Further informations:

  • the walk will take place 14thof July and 12 of August   ;
  • the walk is in two parts: one hour walking to the site and one hour to go back after the listening experience.
  • the walk is graded as easy (it’s a gravel footpath and almost totally flat);
  • the walk takes approximately 4 hours in total (info-stops and dinner time included);
  • the departure is set for 7:30 p.m. (please, be there 10 minutes before) from the car park next to the entrance of the ConteNatural Park, in front of the restaurant-pizzeria Embarcadero (near to Maristella).
  • the minimum number expected is 5, the maximum number 15 (chidren from 11 y.o.);
  • there will be 7 head lamps/torch like free equipment, to light up the way to go back;
  • I suggest you bring: packed dinner, suitable clothes also for the night, walking or sport shoes;
  • the price/person is 25 euros (reduced price for children).




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