Do you want your bike delivered directly to the hotel or airport?
Choose our delivery service with the best rates in the area and you can have the bike you prefer directly in your hotel.

We deliver throughout Sardinia – Here are our delivery rates

N° Bici0-25 km25-40 km 40-70 km
Da 1 a 5 10 Euro45 Euro60 Euro
Da 6 a 9 20 Euro80 Euro100 Euro

*Il prezzo del trasporto è calcolato partendo dalla nostra sede nel centro di Alghero, via majorca, 119

** Per distanze e quantità di bici superiori a quelle indicate il costo del trasporto verrà calcolato caso per caso



Leave us your luggage and choose to visit Alghero in comfort.

Luggage storage, backpacks, and even large luggage.

Ideal for those waiting to check-in at their hotel or B&B or for those who checked-out in the morning but have an evening flight and want to spend the day without any burdens.


The cost of the service is €6 per bag per day
regardless of the size of the baggage.


Have you organized your cycling holiday in Sardinia but don’t want to have the weight of your luggage on the bike? Raggi di Sardegna has the right solution for you.

Our luggage transport service will facilitate your holiday by delivering your bags to the hotels where you have stayed overnight or directly to the airport of departure.

You can enjoy your vacation by navigating your itinerary with only the baggage you need for the day.

Contact us for information, rates and conditions.



Do you want to take a tour independently but have the security of qualified assistance throughout the journey?

The Van Supported Tour is the one for you.

An equipped van that follows you throughout the Tour.

This is the service that Raggi di Sardegna offers to private groups of at least 4 people who want to enjoy the beauty of a carefree bike ride.


Our Van will offer:

  • Repair/assistance in case of mechanical problems
  • Transport backpacks, luggage, water and food
  • Possibility to get on the vehicle if you feel too tired to continue
  • Advice on where to stop to eat or simply take a rest

The destinations offered by the Van Supported Tour are:

  • Neptune’s caves
  • Porto Ferro beach
  • Stintino
  • Bosa

City bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes,
Gravel, Trekking Bike and CargoBike.

We like to please everyone
with our full range of bikes for men,
women,boys and even children.

You just have to choose
the right bike for you
and start your holiday in Sardinia.

Choose our delivery service
with the best rates
in the area and you can have
the bike you prefer directly in your Hotel.