Porto Conte Regional Park

Visit Porto Conte regional Park, it is a wonderfoul place in total harmony with nature and just 30 minutes by bike from Alghero.

It is linked to Alghero by a cycle path thath starts at Alghero’s harbour area and continues to porto conte Bay. For hiking lovers, Raggi di Sardegna offer a range of mountain bikes with which you can be surrounded by nature, follow the path in Porto Conte Park or ride along the roads thath go alongside the area’s vineyards.

You can stop in one of the many coves and cool down by diving in to the Chourl Riviera’s turquoise whater. For those who prefer an easy bike ride, you can put your towel in the bike bag and go to the beache along the flat, safe roads.

Then you can park your bike and enjoy Alghero’s sunshine.



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