Cycling against the COVID-19

COVID19 is seriously impacting our society and everyone’s daily life. Respecting social distance and staying home as much as possible is – quite literally – vital. But among all these measures and restriction, is there still a place for bicycle? Could it even contribute to implement these measures? Could it create opportunities and offers solutions?

Respect essential measures  

From nationwide curfews to school shutdowns, European authorities are creating a patchwork of measures to stop or slow down the spread of Coronavirus. Whatever the stage of measure, it translates in all cases into a recommendation to minimize all type of trips, to respect social distancing and avoid all unnecessary contacts. These measures impact our entire way of life and alternatives solutions are being found to allow each of us to provide to our essential needs, to go to work when necessary, and to still perform some physical activity, while taking some fresh air.

Cycle for your own sake

From a country to another, the authorized trips vary. From leaving your homes to only provide to your food and medical needs, to join our workplace, perform some physical activities and take some fresh air…, in all cases the question of transportation appears and is essential.

Cycle to respect social distancing  –  While we appreciate that public transport is an essential part of our everyday life, everyone who can, should get out on their bicycles for short trips and for commuting. Cycling allows us to respect social distancing by avoiding overcrowded public transport, lowering our risk of getting the virus, and/or of spreading it. This means, avoiding crowded bike-lane and cycling alone or with someone living under the same roof, to respect social distance. This means as well, cycling safely with extra cautious not to risk any accident in these times of overloaded hospitals.

Cycle for your physical health  – It is well known that physical activity greatly contributes to maintaining a strong immune system. Jumping on a bike, getting your heartbeat going and breathing deeply clear our throat and lungs of bacteria, wards off chronic illness and boosts white blood cells numbers. Cycling also gets you out in the fresh air, as the Bicycle network. reminds us.

Cycle for your mental health  – The current situation we are getting used to, can be source of anxiety and depression for many.  Cycling contributes to improving mental health and reducing stress. Multiple studies show that those who commute by bicycle are happier and less prone to depression than those who use any other form of transport.

Cycle safely & wisely 

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