Raggi di Sardegna is a project born to give hospitality to all those who see vacation and travel as a time of discovery, dream and poetry.
The journey as an exploration of places, cultures, art and gastronomy, traveling intended primarily as a search for oneself.Raggi di Sardegna offers you all the opportunity to put aside all that during the year we made anxious and stressed, will give you the ability to sleep, eat and visit the city of Alghero with the only means able to make you happy , carefree and completely in tune with the environment, the bicycle. Raggi di Sardegna is active holiday, ecological, carbon-neutral and especially accessible and economical.



Founder with Erika (his wife) he took degree in political science, with a passion for music and books. He has designed the company’s marketing strategies through the years. He’s also designed its outstanding cycle tours. He loves talking about Sardinia, traditions, history during tours.

Father of Lorenzo and Marlene lives, works and dreams in Alghero.



Journalist, co-founder of Raggi di Sardegna and mother of two wonderful children. I took a degree in Communication Sciences I take care of communication, social and events at the Bicycle Cafe and culinary aspect at the end of each tour.

I was a scout, i love  hiking in the mountains, historical novels, cooking and colors of autumn.



I work for Raggi di Sardegna since its inception. Graduated in Communication Sciences, lover of beautiful clothes, Turkey and books, you will find me when you return from your days on our bikes to recommend the best cocktail bars and restaurants where you can spend a magical evening in Sardinia.


Discover our services.

  1. Rent bikes in Alghero

    The Cheapest Rent a Bike in Alghero

    Bike hire Raggi di Sardegna is located in two parts of the city: the old town and the beach of Le Bombarde Alghero.

  2. Bike Garden

    Il Bike Garden è un’area verde dedicata agli amanti della bicicletta, dagli sportivi alle famiglie con bambini.
    Un’area attrezzata dove potrete noleggiare bici e accessori, prenotare un’escursione, ristorarvi con una bibita, leggere un libro, riservare un barbecue o festeggiare un evento insieme alla vostra famiglia e ai vostri amici.

  3. Services for cyclists

    Come and visit the one of our two rental points, as well as a large park bicycles at your disposal, you will also find a small workshop where perform maintenance after a hike or simply clean your bike. There are also showers and tables and a shaded area just steps from the beach of Le Bombarde

  4. Bikes and accessories sales

    Sale and rental of accessories for cyclists: inner tubes, pumps, helmets, locks security, maps.


Since 2009 Raggi di Sardegna rent a bike made in Sardinia.

Raggi di Sardegna is active holiday, ecological, carbon neutral and especially accessible and economical





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