Cinema of the Lands of the Sea. Traveling festival for moving cinephiles* is a project born as a review in 2009 from the meeting between two passions and a desire. The passion for cinema and the sea, an element that permeates the skin of every islander. Limit and border to be forced, but also bridge to cross. The desire is to relaunch the candidacy of Alghero Città del Cinema, recovering the illustrious past of the International Meeting born in Capo Caccia more than 60 years ago. Memory is something to be handled with care and must be preserved and cherished. But it is also inspiration and model for new horizons. Ideas grow, transmute. And when it happens, you have to let it happen. The outcomes are often surprising, unexpected. Those who love cinema know well the pleasure of amazement.
This is how the cinenauts became a community. The collaborators are faithful companions and traveling companions. The beaches, familiar places where you can feel at home. The collective ritual is renewed every day in a different place. The people of Cinema delle Terre del Mare, like a teeming army, make up the audience in a disorderly manner, with deckchairs stretched out and towels spread out on the damp sand. Afterwards, the beach reluctantly empties. The audience thanks, even just with a timid nod. It is not a farewell, rather the promise of a return. It’s like a kind of gratitude that needs to be returned to you