Our Bikes

Mountain bikes, electric bikes, gravel  bikes and even city bikes, trekking bikes and CargoBikes. We cover pretty much everything you can dream of when we speak about cycling. And as we like to see everyone happy, our range contains models for men, women, teenagers and even for kids. Just pick your riding discipline and find the perfect bicycle.

Choose our homedelivery service and you will receive your bike directly at the Hotel at the best price, following delivery rates:


0-10 km 10-30 km

30-50 km

From 1 to 5 Bikes

10,00 Euro 45,00 Euro

60,00 Euro

From 6 to 9 Bikes

20,00 Euro 80,00 Euro

100,00 Euro

* The transport price is calculated starting from our office in the center of Alghero, via majorca, 119

** For distances and quantities of bikes different than those indicated, the cost of transport will be calculated on a case-by-case basis



Inviaci un messaggio Watsapp o scrivi un email a raggidisardegna@gmail.com