Alghero Experience

Alghero Experience: the new platform for purchasing the Alghero Ticket is now online

Alghero promotes the best of itself as part of the CIEVP project so as to standardise and integrate the various aspects of what is on offer to tourists. This revolves around the three key elements of our region: coral, good food, and the land and its produce.


Il Corallium rubrum (known as Red Coral) is of great value to the Sardinian economy, and especially so for the town of Alghero.
It is an expression of the culture and tradition of the city, as reflected in the name Riviera del Corallo – the Coral Coast – and in its coat of arms: a branch of precious red coral growing on a rock. It is sold in shops that are guaranteed and certified by the brand.


Alghero is the perfect place to experience the good food that comes from our land and from our seas, which is produced by the companies in our region, and which our restaurants transform to create unique, healthy and irresistibly tasty dishes.


By adopting an environmental policy which is aimed at promoting a sustainable economy in the area, the Park has put together an environmental quality certification system for the products and tourist services which are offered in the protected natural area and in the surrounding production area. The aim of the brand is to integrate promotion of the region and the network of products and services provided by park operators, to implement a regional management system which gets the most out of the active involvement of the local community.

What is the CIEVP?

The CIEVP project (Compétitivité et Innovation des Entreprises dans les Villes Portuaires) is a scheme that is financed by EU funds (the Italy-France “Marittimo” Interreg programme).
The project is coordinated by the city of Ajaccio (Corsica) and has the municipality of Alghero as one of its partners.
The project is aimed at increasing the competitivity and performance of the companies that are based in port communities, by making the most of the urban port-city centre structure and by bringing in innovative technological tools.
Every partner has to carry through a series of pilot projects with an initial group of operators to achieve the project goals. If the pilot schemes turn out to be a success, it will also be extended to other local businesses who have the right characteristics.

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